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Team Parent Information

No Parking on Blue Ox Road at Timber-Linn Park in Albany.

Please double check your game schedule prior to arrival: https://ayso.bluesombrero.com/region870

Important Field Open/Close Information:

  • If you are the home team and have the first game of the day, please take 4 corner flags, a spectator sign and a coach sign, and your goals (05U, 06U and 07U) out of the clubhouse to set up your field.
  • If you have the last game of the day and you are the home team, it is your responsibility to break down the field for closing.  This includes making sure the goals (05U, 06U and 07U) are folded with pins inserted and placed back in the clubhouse, returning the corner flags back to the clubhouse, returning the spectator/coach signs back to the clubhouse, and making sure all garbage is removed from the field.

  • Please note that as a team parent this is your responsibility.  Let’s all be good stewards of both our equipment and fields and make sure that we are fulfilling these duties as responsible volunteers!

  • Field set up and take down is very important!  Please do not rely on referees or coaches to do this for your team.  As a team parent, this is your responsibility!  If everyone who has an open/close game helps, this doesn’t take very long and can be completed in no time!


Please remember that AYSO does not allow any jewelry to be worn during practice or games.  All jewelry must be removed, the referees will be checking during start-up.  This includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and body piercings such as nose rings.  This is not only for the safety of the child, but also the safety of the other players.  Taping or bandaging over piercings is not allowed.  The jewelry must be completely removed before the player is allowed on the field.  Jewelry that is clearly religious or medical in nature may be allowed if the referee decides that it is not dangerous to either the player or another player.



Casts or splints are not allowed, even if padded, during games or practices.  Knee braces may be allowed provided that the knee brace is adequately covered and padded in the opinion of the referee so as to eliminate the possibility of its use causing injury to other players on the field.  Knee braces are designed to allow for flexibility of movement, while conversely, a cast or splint is designed to restrict mobility.  The referee is responsible for deciding the safety of the player’s equipment. 


Pets on the Field:

We know that your pet is another valued member of your family.  But because others may have allergies or be scared of animals, our fields do not allow pets.  It’s AYSO’s goal to make your soccer season as safe as possible for you, your family, and even your pets.  That’s why on game day, we ask for you to leave your beloved family pet at home.  AYSO does observe and respect existing regulations and laws regarding the presence of service animals at our fields.


If you are waiting for a uniform to arrive, an email will be sent when it is ready to be picked up.  Once you have received your email, please check your home field clubhouse for the uniform(s)!  They will be available for pick-up on Saturday at your home field clubhouse! Please note that this location may not be where your game is being played on Saturday, but all uniforms will be at your home field clubhouse.  If you have any questions about uniforms, please contact our Uniform Coordinator Sara directly: uniforms@ayso870.org


While not required, they are a nice treat for the kids who have all played hard during their game!  Please remember that some children may have allergies, so always check with your parents to make sure you can accommodate their dietary needs.  Also, remember that healthy snacks are always the best option!  If every parent provides a snack during the season, this makes it easier on everyone.  As always, it's for the kids!

Weather Conditions:

Weather always presents a challenge for field conditions.  Please make sure your team is prepared.  Make sure your players dress in layers and make sure they all stay active, especially when they are waiting to be subbed in.  Please reference our Severe Weather Play Guidelines: http://ayso870.org/safety/severe-weather-play

Referee Cards:

Referee cards are located in each of the clubhouses.  Please make sure these are filled out and given to the center referee before each game.  These are required for all 07U-19U teams (05U/06U are excluded).


Corner Flags:

If you have the first game of the day, please get 4 corner flags out of the clubhouse for your field.  If you have the last game of the day, please make sure the corner flags are returned to the clubhouse.  Do not leave your field at the end of the day unless you have cleaned it up!


Coach/Spectator Signs:

Please get 2 signs for your field and place them on each side, if they have not already been set up.  Remember, teams on one side of the field and spectators on the other!

05U, 06U and 07U Goals:

These are located in the clubhouse.  If you have the first game of the day, please take two for each field.  If you have the last game of the day and you are the home team, please make sure they get folded and placed back in the clubhouse.  IMPORTANT: Make sure they are locked with the pins inserted so they do not fall and hurt someone when placed back in the clubhouses! The 09U, 11U and U13/U15 goals do not move.  Please check the nets to make sure they do not have any large holes or damage.  If you see any issues with the large goals, please let your center referee know.



Please make sure all garbage is picked up from your field when your game has concluded!  If you see garbage left on the field, please be a good steward and pick it up.  Let’s keep our fields clean!


If anyone has any questions or concerns when on the field, please look for the red shirts or jackets!  Red AYSO shirts and jackets mean they are a member of our regional board.  They can help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank You,
Jennifer Denver

Team Parent Coordinator
AYSO Region 870