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Coach Administrator: Duston Denver


Key Coach Dates




Coach Training Sessions


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Team Scheduling


Practice Plan

Begin to set up your team practice plans and schedule prior to first week of practice. Also we ask you to  follow our Region’s standard protocol below.

·         Maximum amount of practice sessions are two times per week

o   U8 = 1 hour per practice

o   U10 = 1-1.5 hours per practice

o   U12&U14 = 1.5-2 hours per practice

·         Note the range of times is for dealing with late arrivals and warm up. Actual practice times, even at high school and college level, is typically length of a full game. Point is, a shorter, but highly focused practice session is best for learning and development!

·         If you are a motivated coach or know of players who want more, attend Friday night Progressive Training Sessions!


Game Time Arrival

Coaches should strongly enforce all players U8 and up, arrive at Game field, ready to play, 30 minutes prior to game start time! This allows the volunteer coach to be prepared for a fun and exciting game. It is also very good practice time for Players to learn how to properly warm up as this is something they will continue to do for year to come as they play any sport.



Coach Catz

If you are looking for solid coaching advise or simply new activities to use during practice, take full advantage of AYSO’s CATZCoach on the www.AYSO.org web page.





Coach Volunteers Needed!


Our Albany AYSO Region has close to 1000 players and over 90 teams. Handling this size of an organization for our community can only be accomplished one way, with volunteers like you and I. Each summer we hold registration sessions, board meetings and team formations in preparation for our upcoming season. We start with our big season kick off August 15-18th, Team Orientations. Many of you are familiar with these, where we set up a table space for each team. All players and parents can meet each other to get organized. The toughest item for me, being Regional Coach Administrator, is assuring all teams have a coach assignment.


I estimate we will have enough coaches already volunteered to cover at least 80% of the teams. The remaining teams, with no coach assignment, will need to select a parent for running the team coaching responsibilities. Our region cannot be successful without coach volunteers. The best part is, that AYSO Coaching is the most rewarding volunteer position available and very easy to get started. I will be there to support you every step of the way.


As an AYSO Volunteer coach you will receive all your necessary coaching equipment including balls, ball bag, cones, pinnies, first aid kit and age  appropriate Coach Manual. We also have age appropriate coach training, online, in person and on field. Trust me, you do not have to be a soccer player to be a successful coach, we are looking for leaders, managers, teachers, athletes and enthusiastic parents. We can provide you with everything you need to be successful. And don’t worry if someone starts saying, “well they haven’t even coached U10 before coach, or even played soccer”, because it is all about the basics. Even pros like David Beckham, Landon Donovan and top MSL coach Sigi Schmid will tell you, it is all about the basics, hard work, and having a good time at this age. And for the older kids in U12, U14 and U19, we know these coaches are well qualified.  So if you are looking for what volunteer position to sign up for, want to have a good time with your kids, and help others do the same, please consider being a AYSO Volunteer coach or assistant coach!


I look forward to seeing you on the pitch!


Huck Thomas

Regional Coach Administrator