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AYSO Extra Play

To pre-register, please click here: AYSO Extra Play Registration

AYSO 870 Extra Play provides an opportunity for AYSO Region 870 players with the desire to have a more competitive experience and additional opportunities for play, at a more affordable price. 

Extra runs concurrent with the AYSO primary program through the Fall and Spring seasons. Players will participate on both their Primary team and Extra team. Extra players must participate in their primary team games and at least one primary team practice per week, with 3 excused exceptions for each. Players not maintaining this requirement will be ineligible for Extra play. This will provide Extra players with the opportunity to lead their primary teams. Players share their experience, while also providing them with a more challenging experience in league play against competitive teams with Extra. 

Eligibility: Players registered for the AYSO U12 and U14 primary program. 

*Pre-Registration: Now through June 15th (click on the link above).

Cost: $180 in addition to the $85 primary fee – Extra fee is due when player is placed on a team. Includes Extra Uniform; Fall and Spring Extra seasons. 

Teams: In the divisions where there are enough pre-registered players, Lebanon and Albany-based teams will be formed. If there are not enough players for separate Albany and Lebanon based teams, one team will be formed for the region and practice location(s) will be worked out based upon the composition of the team. Where player interest exceeds the maximum team size, try-outs will be held to select players. Once teams are formed, fees will need to be paid for players placed on a team. 

*Pre-registration is not a guarantee of placement on an AYSO Extra Team.

Practice: Fridays and potentially alternating Mondays and Tuesdays. 

For questions, please contact:

Extra Program Coordinator Greg Straw at: extra@albanyayso.org

Regional Commissioner Duston Denver at: rc@albaynyayso.org 


Extra Play Training Schedule

(Check back often for more information)


AYSO Leb Team Parent Coord Open,
May 7, 2015, 12:28 PM