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The Orientation Schedule:  None at this time


The "U" in the division Name means under.

AYSO Divisions 

 Birth Year  


4 Yrs of Age















*05U is governed by the age of the participant on the first day of activity.  Player must be 4 years old by 9/1/2018 to register.
**Players born in 2004 but attending high school will be placed in the high school 19U program.

Top Questions:

Q: Who should attend?
At least one parent or guardian and all players. Players are highly encouraged to attend in order to meet their coach, other players, and to help chose a team name.

Q: When should I arrive?
Please arrive early so that we can start on time. Board members will be on hand at least 20 minutes prior to the meeting to give out team assignments.

Q: I can't attend. What should I do?
If you do not attend the Orientation meeting, your team's Team Parent will contact you before the start of the season with the practice schedule and other information.  Please try to attend though as there is important information provided during Orientation!

Q: How do I know which meeting to attend?
Unless you have made other arrangements with the Commissioner, your child's division is determined by his or her birth date.

Q: I have multiple children who are playing. Do I need to attend each meeting?
Yes. Each team will have different coaches, practices, etc.

Q: What zone am I in?
AYSO Region 870 is divided into two Zones: Albany and Lebanon (includes Halsey, Brownsville and Sweet Home). Unless you specifically requested otherwise at registration, your children are placed in the Zone matching your home address. The Albany Zone covers the communities of Albany, Crabtree, Jefferson, Millersburg, Salem, Shedd, Tangent, and Turner. The Lebanon Zone covers the communities of Brownsville, Halsey, Lacomb, Lebanon, Scio, and Sweet Home. NOTE: All 19U is a coed division.

Q: Can I register my child at Orientation?
No.  All registrations must be done online.  Teams are already formed by Orientations and no changes to the rosters will be made at Orientation.

Q: Can my child be moved to a different team at Orientation?
No.  Teams are already formed and uniforms have already been ordered.  Unless there has been an error on your player registration, no changes will be made to the rosters at Orientation.

Q: Can I submit my volunteer application at the Team Orientation Meeting?
No. All volunteer applications must be submitted online only.