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Birth Year Chart

Birth Year Registration

A lot has been made and said and the actual language is confusing.  To simplify the discussion:  The only group of players affected are those born between 8/1 and 12/31 who for this one year skip one rung on the division ladder.  As an example, a player born in September falls into that group, moving from one year in U10 (or as a U09) to first year U12 (as a U11).
While this may seem arbitrary, so was the prior cutoff.  Parents with children born in July were up a division where those born August 1 couldn’t play with their classmates and were down a division. But with 5 months of children making this move (and those 5 months of older children moving out of that division) should help provide a safe transition since there should be a balance of players of each age.
Change is always scary.  Regions should ensure the age of the players are balanced across the teams this Fall.

In Addition here is an Explanation of the Birth Year Change you can provide to parents and reference on your website.

My2017 Birth Year Chart

AYSO Team Parent Coord Jennifer Denver,
May 8, 2017, 9:38 AM