Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game are maintained and altered by the International Football Association Board. The International Board meets annually to consider any requests for changes to the Laws or any decisions necessary to clarify any aspect of the Laws. Any such changes decided upon at that meeting go into effect on July 1 each year. IFAB publishes a copy of the Laws of the Game each year.

AYSO, with the permission of FIFA, publishes an AYSO edition of the Laws of the Game each year. All AYSO matches are conducted in accordance with the current Laws of the Game and decisions of the International Board, subject to those modifications approved by IFAB and adopted by AYSO in the current AYSO National Rules & Regulations.

Copies of both the Laws of the Game and AYSO National Rules & Regulations are available from the AYSO Supply Center. AYSO volunteers are encouraged to keep abreast of the most current version of the Laws of the Game and the National Rules & Regulations.