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Board Member Spotlight

Medal Design Winner Rylee Markell!

Rylee Markell, daughter of Eric and Rachel Markell of Sweet Home, was the winner for the AYSO Region 870 End-of-the-Year Medal Design Contest!  Rylee has been playing soccer for 7 years, mostly with AYSO.  She is currently on the G13U Bermuda Triangle team and her favorite position is keeper.  When asked why she likes to play soccer, Rylee stated that next to her love for the sport, she loves to get to spend time with her friends.  Rylee also enjoys art and swimming.  End-of-Year Medals will be presented to each coach on Saturday and they will distribute to their teams!  Rylee’s award was her design on the medal, a new soccer ball, soccer socks, and gift cards from Yogurt Extreme and Hobby Lobby.  We will be holding another contest next year and it is open to anyone registered with Region 870.  Thank you Rylee and congratulations!

(Pictured left to right) Row 1: Team Parent Coordinator Jennifer Denver, Rylee Markell, Registrar Tricia Costa,
Publicity Coordinator Carrie Falotico, Uniform Coordinator Sara Massey.  Row 2: Treasurer Julie Reyes,
Coach Administrator Duston Denver, Interim 
Regional Commissioner Aaron Falotico, Assistant Referee
Administrator Mark Dieckhoff.


2/S Area Director Duston Denver

Congratulations Duston Denver for becoming our new 2/S Area Director! Duston has been actively involved in AYSO for over 10 years, supporting and serving Region 870. Thanks to Duston’s hard work, he created and completed the soccer fields at Cheadle Lake Park in Lebanon. He is currently a coach, a referee, the Tournament Director, and the Coach Administrator. Duston served as the Regional Commissioner for six years and he has had many positions within AYSO. Duston is also the coach for the 19U National Team!

Coach Administrator: coachadmin@ayso870.org


Uniform Coordinator Sara Massey


Sara Massey has been an outstanding volunteer for Region 870 for three years and our Regional Board Uniform Coordinator for a year.  She not only orders the uniforms for all of our teams, but she also accepts delivery, stores them, and prepares them for distribution (this is no small task).  Sara is also an active Team Parent!  Please help us in saying thank you to Sara when you see her on the fields during soccer Saturdays!

Uniform Coordinator Sara Massey: uniforms@ayso870.org


Treasurer Julie Reyes


One of our hardest working board members is Regional Treasurer Julie Reyes!  Julie has been a valuable volunteer since February 2018.  Some of Julie’s many responsibilities include keeping and safeguarding the region’s finances.  This includes verifying funds, receipts, and disbursements, as well as presenting financial reports to the board. Julie also assists the Regional Commissioner in preparing of the region’s annual budget. Look for Julie on game days and help us in saying thank you for being such an amazing volunteer!

Treasurer Julie Reyes: treasurer@ayso870.org

Assistant Coach Administrator

Satina Tolman

Let’s give a very warm welcome to our newest board member, Assistant Coach Administrator Satina TolmanMy name is Satina Tolman and I’ve lived in the area (Albany and Sweet Home) for 16 years. I’ve been coaching AYSO soccer for seven years and I love it! I have four kids ages 10-20 and a husband whom I adore. What I lack in height, I make up for with personality. (My husband told me to say that, haha!) Satina is also the 14U Boys National Team Coach! Thank you for being such an amazing volunteer for our region! 

Assistant Coach Administrator Satina Tolman: assist.coachadmin@ayso870.org


Publicity Coordinator Carrie Falotico

Please help Region 870 in welcoming our new Publicity Coordinator Carrie Falotico!  All of those fantastic messages on our Facebook page and wonderful registration flyers that were sent to the schools, those are all thanks to the talented Carrie!  She is also a dedicated Team Parent for her children's soccer teams and an active board member.  We couldn’t do it without you Carrie!  If you see Carrie on the fields during games on Saturday, please be sure to tell her thank you for all of her hard work!  

Publicity Coordinator Carrie Falotico: pr@ayso870.org


Registrar Tricia Costa

Tricia has been an AYSO volunteer for almost 12 years! When she is not busy spending time as the Registrar, she is also an active coach and referee. In 2016, Tricia received the AYSO Section 2S Manny Hirschel Volunteer of the Year Award. Congratulations Tricia, well deserved! Thank you for all your years of service and here’s to many more! If you see Tricia on the field during a game day, please take the time to say hello and let her know what an amazing job she is doing!

Registrar Tricia Costa: registrar@ayso870.org