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Guideline - ARTICLE 3

Duties and Responsibilities of the Region

The duties and responsibilities of the Region shall be, to the extent permitted by its size and available resources:

To operate and offer a quality youth soccer program to all youth from 4½ through 18 years of age in a safe, fun, fair, positive environment that complies in letter and spirit with the Bylaws, policies, rules, regulations, and philosophies of AYSO;

To maintain good community relations and become involved in youth development and other community activities;

To register with the National Support Center all participating players, coaches, referees and where appropriate, administrators, prior to the commencement of the season;
To assign players and coaches to assure proper balance of teams within each age division within the Region or within a reasonable part thereof;

To obtain and maintain safe playing facilities;

To obtain and be accountable for uniforms, balls, goals and other equipment and to use such equipment in a safe manner;

To schedule practices and games;

To recruit and assign volunteer coaches and referees, and train them through clinics and audio/visual programs;

To disseminate information to the participants, their families and the community concerning the Region and its programs;

(j) To recognize volunteer efforts;

To hold periodic meetings of the Regional Board and disseminate to the participants, their families and the community appropriate information concerning the operation of the Region by the Board;

To publish for the Region and the files of AYSO, and make available to the participants and their families at least annually, financial statements of the Region and guidelines for the operation of the Region approved by the Area Director and Section Director, or in the absence of such guidelines operate the Region in accordance with the Standard Regional Guidelines as are in effect from time to time;

To collect and disburse fees and other monies for the sound financial organization and operation of the Region, to keep and submit to the National Support Center, as required, accurate financial records to insure continuation of the tax exempt status of AYSO, to participate in the National Accounting Program and to pay the National Support Center prior to the start of the each season the National portion of its registration fees and all amounts due with respect to its purchases;

To elect or appoint, at a minimum, a Regional Commissioner, treasurer, risk manager/safety director, coach administrator and referee administrator;

To comply with the Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) plan and to submit insurance claims according to current procedures;

To notify the National Support Center immediately of any threatened or actual claim or lawsuit against the Region;

To implement AYSO’s National programs available to the Region at least once a season;
To cooperate with neighboring Regions, and area, section and development personnel, to promote growth, development and cooperation throughout AYSO;

To participate in area, section and National events and programs.; and

To cooperate in policies and procedures developed by the Board or the National Support Center with respect to requiring each coach, referee, and other designated volunteers to complete a volunteer form, and with respect to verifying the information obtained, before permitting the coach, referee or such volunteer to participate.