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Guideline - ARTICLE 4

Membership in the Region

There shall be three kinds of members in the Region:

Participating Members: those persons serving the Region in a coaching, refereeing or administrative capacity, including the members ("Board Members") of the Regional Board. All coaches, referees and other volunteer positions designated by the AYSO National Support Center shall be registered using the appropriate forms prescribed by AYSO.

Playing Members: all registered soccer players ("players").

Contributing Members: those other persons to whom the Regional Board grants membership to recognize a contribution of value to the Region or to express its gratitude.

The names, addresses and telephone number of all members of the Region, as well as the information contained in the AYSO Executive Member Directory, are private and confidential. Such information and mailing lists may not be disclosed or distributed to anyone, including any vendor or sponsor, without the prior written approval of the National Executive Director.